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About Us.

Fuzzies Pet Supply was started with the idea that pets deserve, high quality foods, treats, and grooming products. Our furry babies are a special part of our families and it's up to us to make sure what we give them is healthy and free of pesticides, chemicals and preservatives. Here at Fuzzies we understand that holistic doesn't always have to mean expensive, so come on in today and see our great selection. Remember to ask about our frequent feeder programs where your 12th bag is free.

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Food of The Month

Farmina is nature and science in perfect harmony. Their mission is to develop the best all-natural, nutritious, and scientifically validated food that both cats and dogs will love. They mix and cook only the finest raw ingredients following strict guidelines set by nutritional experts. With their expertise, Farmina has designed a scientifically validated diet specific to a carnivores nutritional needs. With nutrition as the basis of their well-being, a balanced meal can leave them feeling happy and joyful which they can then pass onto you. That’s why our motto is: Happy Pet, Happy You.


Nature is our biggest source of wealth which is why Farmina preserves their food using tools and methods Mother Nature gave. Using only natural antioxidants, excludes any potential GMO ingredients from their products and instead use only GMO-FREE ancestral cereals (spelt and oats).


Farmina also introduces nitrogen into their food bags, displacing any oxygen that’s present to eliminate the potential for fat oxidation and, therefore, rancidity.

Dog of The Month


Groomer's Tip:

The best choice you can make for the coat care of your pet, either cat or dog, is to pair a metal greyhound comb with your slicker brush. Using both together for your at-home maintenance will save you a lot of heartache and will keep your pet cute and fluffy!


The Basic Package

Bath, Anal Glands, Nails & Ears

Small Dog (10lb-less): $30 & Up

Medium Dog (11-30 lb): $40 & Up

Large Dog (31-70 lb): $50 & Up

XL Dog (71lb & Up): $60 & Up

Face, Feet & Fanny

Bath, Anal Glands, Nails, Ears, Face, Feet & Fanny

Small Dog (10lb-less): $40 & Up

Medium Dog (11-30 lb): $50 & Up

Large Dog (31-70 lb): $60 & Up

XL Dog (71lb & Up): $70 & Up

The "Works"

Bath, Anal Glands, Nails & All Over Trim

Small Dog (10lb-less): $50 & Up

Medium Dog (11-30 lb): $60 & Up

Large Dog (31-70 lb): $70 & Up

XL Dog (71lb & Up): $80 & Up

De-Shedding Treatment

Bath, Anal Glands, Nails, Ears, Face, Feet, & Fanny

Small Dog (10lb-less): $7 Extra

Medium Dog (11-30 lb): $10 Extra

Large Dog (31-70 lb): $15 Extra

XL Dog (71lb & Up): $20 Extra

Pawdicure Ala Carte:

Nail Trim / Grind $10.00 Ears & Teeth | Ears & Teeth $15.00 | Ears or teeth $5.00


Training is for dogs 6 months and over. We offer 60 minute sessions for 7 weeks, and groups are limited to 6 per class.  Upon completion, your dog will receive a diploma and the option to sign up for the next level at a discounted rate.

What will be learned?

1. Basic commands such as heel, sit, down, come, etc...

2. Hand signals for all commands.

3. Click training if interested.

4. Crate training.

Required Equipment

1. Six foot leash (No retractable leashes permitted)

2. Treats / motivational lures

3. Poop bags

*Proof of rabies vaccination is required. Please bring a copy of vaccine report to the first class.

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